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     These are a just a few of the  wedding cakes that are offered; to see all of the designs we offer or to design your own custom wedding cake call and schedule an appointment today!!!!!! 
     Wedding cake consultations are $75.00 per sitting. If you choose to order your cake from Moon Child Sweets after your consultation the $75.00 will be deducted from your total bill!!!!
     Wedding Cake Packages:
                                     Primary Package - $6.00/person - this package includes any flavor cake and filling. It also includes a simple but elegant buttercream design.
                                     Premium Enriched Package - $7.00/person - this package includes any flavor cake and filling. It also includes a more detailed buttercream design.
                                     Fondant Embellished Package - $8.00/person - this package includes any flavor cake and filling. It also includes the cake being entirely enrobed with fondant.
      These are the three packages that we provide. Each package can be embellished with additional details, flower, ribbons etc. which may incur as an upgrade in the package.
                       New pictures are added regularly, so check back often!!!!



Peony Wedding - Lemon pound cake layered with vanilla buttercream. Decorated with a more modern look and decorated with hand made sugar peonies


Beach Wedding - this cake is decorated with a beach theme. The cake consists of red velvet with cream cheese icing, yellow cake with vanilla buttercream and chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.


Rosie String: this four tier cake consists of yellow cake and is filled with vanilla buttercream. The cake is iced in buttercream and is decorated with rose buds and string work. A classic cake for any style wedding!!!!


Swinging Strings: this wedding cake is simple yet elegant. Covered in fondant and decorated with royal icing.


Mother of Pearl: this cake is covered in fondant, decorated with gum paste flowers, and edible pearls.


Silver Lilly: this cake consists of three different layers: the top is yellow pound with lemon curd filling, the middle layer is  chocolate cake with raspberry filling, and the bottom is carrot cake with cream cheese icing filling. The entire cake is iced and decorated with buttercream. There are gumpaste flowers with silver accents and silver dragees along the boarder. The cake is then finished with fresh flowers in the center and on the top.


Multiples: this cake is covered in vanilla buttercream.  It is then accented with a multitude of repetitive black scroll work. It is finished with fresh red roses on top.



Chelsea's Cake: this 3 tiered wedding cake consists of marble/van. buttercream, chocolate/choc. buttercream, and yellow/ van. custard w/ fresh strawberries.  It is covered with vanilla buttercream and black scroll. The cake is finished with fresh red roses, babies breathe and greenery!!!!


Violet Damask: this 3-tier wedding cake consists of two tiers of peanut butter cake one with raspberry filling and buttercream, the other only filled with buttercream. The bottom tier is carrot cake with cream cheese icing in the center. This cake is iced and decorated with buttercream and ribbon.


Rose Bud: this 3-tier cake contains yellow cake and basic buttercream filling. It is iced in basic buttercream and has buttercream roses on top and buttercream rose buds around each tier.


Satin Sensation: this cake is iced in buttercream. It then has sporadic bunches of satin roses on each tier. It is then topped with a silver monogram!!!!


Words for the Moment: this cake is iced with vanilla buttercream and then covered with words for that special day!!!! If you can't find the right words for that special day. we sure can!!!! The base of the cake is surrounded by fresh daisies!!!!


Daisy Cake : this cake consists of yellow cake and red velvet cake. A few plaques have been used on the middle tier. Hand piping has been used on the top and bottom tier. The cake has been accented and topped with hand made sugar daisies!!!





Mary's Cake: this 3 tier cake consists of mango cake with cherry filling and pistachio cake with raspberry filling. Then was finished with black dots and a black and white bead border. Simple yet elegant and topped with a gorgeous silver monogram!!!


Winter Bursts: this cake is covered with buttercream icing and is decorated with swags,string work, small bunches of rose buds and mini bursts circling the cake.


Fall Basket: this cake is decorated with brown colored buttercream with a basket weave design. The top is covered with an array of fall colored flowers.  This cake is great for any season!!


Strawberry Mountain: this delicious looking cake is covered in chocolate buttercream. The strawberries are hand dipped in our finest chocolate and allowed to slightly drip down the side of the cake giving this cake its finishing touch!!!!



Simply Squares: this cake serves about 100 people. This cake is decorated with black and pink buttercream with fondant accents. The monogram is surrounded with pink fondant flowers!!!!


Snowflake: two layers of this cake consists of yellow cake with lemon curd filling and the third layer is chocolate cake with peanut butter cream filling. This cake is covered in fondant and accented with fondant snowflakes!!!


Vine Wedding - this 3 tier wedding cake is decorated with a simple green vine theme. This cake is great for any floral themed wedding and can be made to match any color theme!!!


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